023-1This beautiful mulberry tree was prepared for burning near the road I was traveling on. The three was very old and probably hit of thunder. No more of ten centimeters of it's outside fitted. I took several pieces, and when polished one of them home immediately decided to by all the quantity. I traveled again 60km. but the tree was gone.
Blade is 4x13. The tree is combined with white polymer on my own recipe.
I produced this knife exactly one year after my first attempt in knife making.





030-1 4x13 blade. Mulberry tree and deer horn handle. Walnut, deer horn and goat horn scabbard.






4x13 blade. Mulberry tree,cornel tree and deer horn handle.

Acacia and neozilber facing scabbard.







4x13 blade.

Mulberry tree,acacia tree and deer horn handle. Silver inlay.

Scabbard - Acacia and silver casing. Silver inlay.






4x13 blade.

Spruce tree, deer horn, wild pear, white poymer and Brazilian ipe handle.

Scabbard - Walnut tree, deer horn and goat horn.







4x13 blade.

Brazilian ipe, smoked oak and white polymer handle. Silver inlay.

Scabbard - smoked oak.






4x13 blade.

Smoked oak, acacia tree and melhior.

Scabbard - acacia tree.








4x13 blade.

Handle - Walnut and white polymer.

Scabbard - Walnut.






4x13 blade.

Handle -Deer horn, brown and red Brazilian ipe.

Scabbard - Walnut.







4x13 blade.

Handle -Brown and red Brazilian ipe, white polymer.

Scabbard - Walnut and polymer.