The whole this adventure started at the very beginning of 2006 year. Looking at some knifes in Internet, I asked myself: "Do you think you can create something like this' Michael?" The answer is obvious. So I took a cheep Chinese kitchen knife, a beech tree branch and there it is. The very first knife in my life...
By the way, my wife is still looking for her leather handbag.


The first attempt wasn't much inspiring, so I tried again. The same materials, but with turquoise inlay and the sharp side of the blade is bitten very slightly with acid. The rest of it is made mat by hand.


"So - said my wife - You have two knifes and I am walking through that dangerous town absolutely defenseless? Isn't it a shame?

Blade of Chinese kitchen knife, handle of ash tree.




After all the exercises with Chinese material I decided to find some more serious steel. 4x13 rust-free seem to be the best. So I bought a lot of it. But this steel has a little problem. The temperature of hardening is over 1050 degree C. This led me to a furnace.

The first knife 4x13 is with half polished, half chemically matted blade. The handle is bone, horn, wood combination with melhior inlay and white polymer. The scabbard is from walnut tree.

This finger size knife is not for some of my daughters. It's just a joke. 4x13, bone and walnut handle, with melhior inlay and some polymer. Scabbard of walnut tree. 006-1



I like to go fishing. In the summer almost every week I am for day or two on some river or lake. And this knife become my favorite for such trips.



Blade - 4x13. Handle - oak and white polymer. Scabbard - walnut from the front side and leather from the back side.







Blade - 4x13. Handle - mahogany and white polymer. Mahogany scabbard.






The handle of this knife is constructed of three different kinds of tree - juniper root, wild pear, and wild plum. All they are stabilized. There is some white polymer as well. The blade is 4x13.



Approximately at the same time disappeared my wife's old hand painted leather jacket. Can you guess why?







Here I tried for the first time some silver inlay in the wall nut handle and scabbard. [The strongly embarrassed creature on the 4x13 blade is not a dog.]






When I was young there was a game -"Can you guess the animal on the picture?"
Blade - 4x13. Handle - wild pear, deer's horn, turquoise and brass. The scabbard is of stabilized decayed paper birch with turquoise inlay.