First of all I wood please you to excuse my tribal English. Whole my visiting of English scull accommodates in 45 days. Beyond that you have to blame Simac, Asimov, Klark and some other well noun "criminals".



Who em I and where is this?

Somewhere in the forgotten fifth korner of the Universe, there is a Spiral Branch Galaxy. Anywhere here it was. The Solar System you can't see with unarmed eye understandably. And that almost invisible piece of dust is the third planet. That's my temporary home.

Let's look closer. Many of its inhabitants call this wasp's nest Europe. (The name was involved with some Old Greek God's love affair. It happened little before Clinton's, if I well remember.)

End now: Do you see that nasty appendix in the southeast part of the old continent? The Balkans… Let me restrain from further comments. The little green lion-like outline is called Bulgaria, from about 1 300 years.

Several centuries ago, it was a quiet place believe me. Never the less, this is an interesting place. The times when I am living are interesting too (just like in an Chinese blame.)

For the last time I appeared like baby in 1956 Th. The dark communist middle centuries, if you have heard about in your grandmother's frightful stories.


About my profession… it will be not easy to explain. Do you remember Tom Sawyer? His Aunt Polly used to prevent him from all possible sickness with universal medicine "panacea". (In Bulgarian translation it was called Penkiler)… Well, I am just the same. A kind of Penkiler man.

By education I am a woodcarver, and I study and worked it for some time with a great joy, but…my zodiac sign are Twins. We the "Twins" wont to check everything. And I do my best to try it.

I have been a woodworker, a dentist sanitary, a stage worker in some theaters, a scriptwriter in TV and Radio (writing only for children for my excuse), a … But let me be not so boring. For last 10 years I produce mainly author, s hand made jewelry … and daughters. Photography, Bonsai, Writing, Fishing, Stone Cutting and Polishing are only hobbies, never the less main letters, they are starting with.

My family contains a wife, two beautiful daughters, two cats, a dog, several dozen fiches, several hundred bonsai and me if all of this is not enough for you.

A little house with small green yard almost in the middle of Sofia (that's our Capitol), contain of its row all of this.

That's all, Folks. The rest you can see with your own eyes.

By the way, when I started to work jewelry, nobody wonted to show me "what of animal is this and how to nurse it". That's why I was forced to rediscover the bicycle. It took me almost half year. After another half year was my first participation in national exhibition. And the river floated.


Me as a Woodcarver

That's my wife... last centurie.