There is the disheveled family Pinus silvestris. They are good friends of mine.

Number first I took 5 years ago from Old Mountain. It lived in a very narrow rock crack in no more then 50 grams of soil. Its root beard was thin like a leaf of paper with main roots no thicker then 2-mm. This tree is a hero for me. It's about 20 years old.

2 is a frightened one. I call such trees goat bonsai. It have been trimmed so long from the goats, that categorically refused to grow upwards. Its age is 18-20 years too.

3 have the same fate as 2. Frankly told more of my bonsai are shaped from goats. Sofia is situated between two mountains and on the south slopes of Old Mountain there are a lot of small villages which inhabitants are breeding goats and sheep. That's the secret of mine best bonsai.

4 came to me from far distance. The mountain is named Rila. And the tree was a mountaineer. It have climbed 1800 meter high when I convinced it to visit my. Its age is about 9-10 years.

5 is similar to 2 and 3. This ball in its base is talking to my about long extended dispute with a big stone. Its age is approximately 15-18 years.

6 is 10-12 years old and is pretending of umbrella.


1 2
3 4
5 6