private collection
-horn & bone
-unique stones

-2002- 2006 what's new

This is my own collection. Here are almost all things from exhibitions, and that made for joy, and that with absolutely unique stones or inappropriate for multiplication. They are my proud, never mind some of them are little naive. It's so because they are the way I have passed by.



Almost all of the stones, especially the flat ones, I have found here in Bulgarian mountains. The pleasure was great, believe me! Then I have cat and polished them again by myself. These 16 pages are only silver jewelry, but of course there are some other materials I have used.

The first set on this page is build around natural black-white onyx.

001 001a 001b
001c 001d  
The second one is with my favorite stone - green moss agate from Rodopi Mountain.
002 002a 002b
002c 002d