This story took place in a quiet old quarter of Sofia City. The street's name was "Leaves-fall" and the number... But let's omit it. Why so - I'll. tell you later.

The house was old, with just one floor and large green yard.

Almost a century ago the people of Gild have settled down on the roof. Sometimes they were called the "Tile People" because they used to build their dwellings under the tiles. Besides, they like to wear brick-colored clothes.

The Gilds are calm, piece - loving people. They avoid demonstrating their existence to us giants. They just can't stand focusing on their life. Yet I definitely know that cats, ceiling mice and especially doves could tell a lot of interesting stories about the tiny people from the roof.

These people the languages of different creatures in the yard and live in peace with most of them. Up there on the roof they have almost everything. That's why they rarely have to get down to the ground. But when the cherry tree in the yard becomes ripe, the males from the roof village undertake a long and dangerous campaign. Do you really think you are only ones who like stewed cherries?

And so-o-o... Under the last tile on the left side of the roof, just over the gutter, was the home of Father Ton and Mother Ada. They had five little mischievous children, creating lots of pranks. The biggest was already a whole centimeter, while the smallest was just a half one.

When the little brothers happened to stand side by side, between the first and the last boy their heads formed something like a stair.

The same referred to their names. Whenever someone of the distant relatives, living at the far end of the roof, came to visit them and tried to remember all five names of the brothers, Father Ton lined them up in a descending order and pointed at each one with his finger. It sounded almost like this:

    Pon-n   Pit!

Do you feel it? Just like a cracked pot... Pit! Whether for the strange sound of his name or for some other reason, the smallest brother was the most romping one. Even the song of the five brothers mentioned it. This is the place to tell you that every one of them had its own verse. And when they started singing together:

High on the roof among the tales so old,
that even gray may seems to you,
Gild people - for the people Giant
till today unknown,
we careless and happy leave in free.
Here started Pin:
Of all the boys the biggest one
to eat and sleep I guess was done.
Come on, I'm busy
Day is short.
To make inventions,
that's my sport.
Pon and Pen:
We are the fun in ware jeans.
Nobody can discern the twins.
And finally:
Hello to everybody, call me Pit
although mischievous would me better fit?

And true it was. There was no adventure or prank without involving all his brothers. Nothing could sop his restless mind. But you will really be convinced of what I am saying if you go on reading.