I have always loved to read. It started wen I was five years old and never left me. Wen I was about seventeen my little brother took a leading role in a movie. Then I saw him in a new light, not only as an object for my boxing abilities. And so, I wrote a book for him. My brother was a child with the great luck to meet a hero from the Land Of Fairy Stories and to travel with him in this land. Oh haw much I envy him! It has to be me, who had this adventure. He has not even read all this books. And never ever do it. But the live is not fair. It is just happening.

This is the way all started. And it continued through the years. There are a lot of fairy stories I have created sins then. Some of them found their dramatic versions on the national radio. Others turned into movies in TV. And there are a lot of them, waiting their editor. Our country is small one. Only 8 millions and it's experienced times wen people are thinking first for their bread and if there is a little action after dinner, everything is OK for bigger part of them. In times like that childish literature is not between the first priorities. That's why here I am showing you some little. Man never now where exactly is the hare hiding.

And so:

This is one of many never edited alike stories. TALE OF THE NEW MOON

And this is the introduction of approximately 150 pages long novel. For all of you who still are not lost the childish. THE PEOPLE UNDER THE ROOF-TILES